Holistic doctor & coaching until the result Method that works. Your body knows best How it works Your individual protocol will start the following processes 1 Cleansing and detoxing Launch your own detox system. Improving your gut health and function 2 Recovering The natural process of self-healing. Balancing your hormones. Optimizing brain health. Understanding the role of epigenetics. "We know that 75 to 80 percent of chronic diseases like diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, obesity, and certain types cancers are preventable and reversible by incorporating a lifestyle or holistic approach." Dr. Robert Graham M.D., Harvard-trained physician who is certified in both holistic and integrative medicine Meet our team holistic doctor & coach Holistic doctor A dietitian is a licensed physician. Everyone has resources for recovery, and they are inside us. Holistic medicine treats a person, not a disease, and whole person. You can part with several chronic diseases at once. Coach The coach's goal is to convert your diet to your lifestyle. How to understand that you need a coach: If you want to come to result, but you don't have enough motivation for change. If you feel that you are evading your protocol. It does not matter at what stage you catch yourself thinking of getting away from the protocol, or modifying it. It is important to use the services of a coach on time. Our unique 2-step process And price list 60-90 min. Dietitian prescribes a diet and a special lifestyle, the so-called protocol. Accompanies during the entire period of treatment in the medical field Prescribing a diet and special life style 300$ per consultation. Follow-ups (1 monthly) 250$ per consultation 60 min. The coach helps to go on a diet, is a guide to changing life style and adaptation, advises on the organization terms, helps to change your eating habits and consolidate them, hold the client's hand until the result Coaching (Optional) 500$ for month. Unlimited support (Skype, Whatsapp) Dietetics opportunities: treating cancer, diabetes, depression, autism, allergies, asthma, lyme disease, kidney stones, and many other diseases. Also you can get pleasant bonus of your protocol - weight loss. Why choose us Outpatient Our coach will help you online. You can be treated at home in a comfortable environment Time-saving and systematic Only time and cost optimized protocols that only simplifies your life Money-saving No laboratory tests for the entire treatment period. Before starting treatment, if desired, an analysis of the microbiome can be done. No costs for dietary supplements. 6327522@gmail.com 3501 Jack Northrop Ave Suite #F5378 Hawthorne, CA 90250 USA